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Sense out of Madness: Finding the Content

April 30th, 2012

On this blog at one point I seemed to be developing a bit of following. Then I posted an article about content in painting. Okay. Even I did not understand it. But I knew it was important. Here is the thing, even in this technological world our culture continues to be permeated with the Romantic Spirit. And the left hand literally does not know what the right is doing. The clever ones raise one hand and shout “Watch this hand.” And so it goes.

Self appointed authorities write about content. Some go a little further and write about the artist’s technique. The result is for the most part convoluted mass confusion. Art is a part of life as is cooking, kitchen design, how we dress, how we make love, and so on. I might add also that once upon a time it was a part of political choices that we made.

Coincidentally, in today’s Modern World the artist is not left with the time to be a “good” (i.e. perfect the craft) artist as well as have a modicum of influence. N’importe quoi !

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