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Getting Back on the Path

September 9th, 2010

atelier before
“Here is a corner of the atelier as a before image ( see my previous post)”

My earlier article about thinking outside the box stopped short of talking about the rebuilding of a new box. And here we get into the nitty gritty of it. The rebellion side of the coin is easy. The rebuilding of a new ethic, set of values, a new mode of politics, ect. is a horse of a different color. So easy to become nihilistic at this stage. If all the values, gods, religions, current modes of thinking, and so one go out the window what’s next?

Humanity, it seems to me, is in the process of coming to grips with the problem. If we do not succeed collectively we are in big doo doo. The understanding neccessary is left up to the creative minds working on the edge asking hard questions.

These are just some thoughts flying around in my head. Remembering that answers do, in fact, come before questions does not help a lot. The questions seem so huge. Is there nothing else to do but patiently watch things unfold in slow motion?

So, here I am, contemplating the reentrance to my artistic path. It sseems that I’ve been off-track for some time now. As much as I’ve been a student of tradition, I likewise have been quite sensitive to world happenings,ect.

My move resulting in a new mode of life and a new atelier:

I’ll keep you posted about my first steps back on the path.

In art & love,

Published in french as Retour sur le chemin


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