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Getting here from there

August 31st, 2010

Bright New Atelier
“Bright New Atelier” There is a large skylight over my shoulder. The shade is open quite a bit for the photograph. (Canon S90)

It has been well more than one year since the necessity of moving became apparent. A frustrating difficult decision ! Sixteen years earlier I swore I was through moving. And after years in the same place it seemed an impossible task. Enough said. Now, the move is completed, much work organizing, tearing out walls, floors, ect. It feels good to be decompressing a bit. Still not really back to work but it is just around the corner.

My bright new shining atelier and storage room will certainly not look like this once I begin working. I have never, in my life, been organized like this. I’ve never been a particularly messy painter but this is way over the edge for me. My workshop is also well organized as well as a large garage. Needless to say the house likewise. The photo of the salon shows our new Norvegian stove plugged into the fireplace. An ample supply of firewood is stacked in the garage which is well ventilated. I guess I’m a bit proud of all this hard work. I’m getting to be an old guy and it is good to know I can still get with the program.

Unbelievable Organization
“Unbelievable Organization” This atelier will not look like this for long. But starting from this it should not get too bad I hope. (Canon S90)

Stove & Salon
“Stove & Salon” We splurged on a nice Norvegian wood stove. Hope that it keeps the atelier toasty. It is directly above. (Canon S90)

Our House in February
“Our House in February” This was the second time we had looked at the house. A few days later, we made an offer. (Leica DLX-4)

The roses in Bloom
“The roses in Bloom” This was taken few days ago. The fence has to go. (Canon G10)

Happy Camper! If you do not know where you’ve been you may not like where you end up. That’s how you get here from there.

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One Response to “Getting here from there”

  1. Debbie says:

    Wow! I keep saying that over and over again as I gaze upon your “new space”! No wonder the juices are flowing!
    love to you both and happy new year !