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June, 2010

Painting : The essentials

June 29th, 2010

As I began work for moving our abode in early April I made a few notes for an article. The article did not get written but the move was duly made. We are now installed in a small Bourgogne village enjoying a refreshing change of lifestyle. A grange was converted into a very nice atelier and I am as they say, a happy camper. It seems appropriate to post the few lines as they were written.

It was a photographer that I heard say that there was not a need to become too concerned with art. The point is that if we start from where we are and focus on the essentials will the process will pull the art out of us. If, on the other-hand, the focus is on what we consider to be art the motivation may very well be a self-serving one. Both painting as well as photography (any creative pursuit for that matter) is best approach with humility. The reward for keeping it simple in this manner : a refreshing of the things within us that are essential : truth, beauty, deep feeling and aesthetic pleasures in all the important areas of life (The open door of each consciousness.).

Published in french as Peinture : les fondamentaux


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