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The art of loving the tools

Originally posted on February, 10, 2009

My modified table-top box easel
My modified table-top box easel

The last couple of days I’ve been preparing for a trip to Provence. Every year in February or March we head for Provence and the côte d’Azur, weather permitting. As soon as we get a break in the weather we are gone.

My latest project involved an old Lefranc-Bourgeois table-top box easel I’ve been moving around the world for close to 30 years. Several years ago I adapted it to fit on a camera tripod. The one you see is relatively light weight and extends so that the canvas (size 8 to 20) is at eye level. The box itself weighs nothing compared to my French easel (a free-standing box with attached folding wooden legs) and holds more stuff. I’ve reworked the easel part so that it works flawlessly. The tripod has a quick release which is attached to the bottom of the box. It takes me about 20 seconds to set-up and be ready to paint. In short, it is a very fine box. I love it.

Published in french as L’art d’aimer ses outils


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