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My Painting Space: the Studio Clean

Originally posted on February, 2, 2009

Painting Studio
Kitchen Corner and also Painting Studio.

My studio is spread over 3 floors. A corner of the kitchen has a north facing skylight and access to the water. This is where I paint watercolors and, now, the Golden Open acrylics as well. Downstairs is for oil painting, a showcase for work, and a place to entertain. The third floor is dedicated to storage and framing.

My paint-box is here setup for the Golden Open acrylics. Since I work with a small number of pigments I choose them out of a small assortment as I need them. There is less waste of paint and you are always working with paint reasonably fresh. The trick is to, accurately estimate how much paint you need as you need it. Learning to do this efficiently takes a bit of practice but I think it is well worth the effort.

Published in french as Mon espace de peinture


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