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Walk through the park

Originally posted on January, 29, 2009

"Walk through the Park", oil on linen, 35cm x 27cm, 2009

“Walk through the Park”, oil on linen, 35cm x 27cm, 2009

Where is the source for this image? I do not know. I have done countless paintings and sketches along the Doubs, close to home.

Paints used were a mix of Sennelier and Blocks. I used a mixture of safflower oil and Zest-it. Zest-it seems to be a good non-toxic substitute for turpentine. Colza oil was used to keep the brushes clean. Marseille soap was used on them for the final cleaning. Colza oil in France is cheap and for me it does a good job. The Zest-it is manufactured in Great Britain. Mr. Sennelier assures me that it is non toxic. In any case, I use very little to start the painting and then add no additives, or mediums to the paint. We now know that most of the old masters painted without adding additional mediums to the linseed and/or poppy oil already in the paint.

Published in french as Promenade dans le parc


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