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Golden Open Acrylic: A new Paint

Originally posted on January, 29, 2009

"A Golden Coast" Golden Open acrylic on 100% cotton paper, 22cm x 16cm, 2009
“A Golden Coast” Golden Open acrylic on 100% cotton paper, 22cm x 16cm, 2009

Golden’s new acrylic is not the only extended time acrylic out there. This technology is coming out of the US where there is evidently a very strong interest in acrylic as well as the new dye based watercolors (I must note that the later are fugitive paints). Quite frankly, I have had little interest in any of this. I have, however, for many years an interest in an alternative to painting with solvent for health reasons. From time to time I’ve picked up some acrylic and worked with them for a short period of time. I’ve never liked them much but Golden’s acrylics are the best I’ve tried.

After reading about them I’ve patiently waited for the new Golden Open Acrylics to arrive in France. After getting over the shock of how expensive they are for an acrylic I bought some this last week. As Golden says in their literature it is “A paint like no other”. They dry considerably slower than what we know as acrylics. Also, you can use those good brushes without fear that they will be damaged. These paints stay “open” or workable long enough to permit techniques impossible with normal acrylics. I found them relatively easy to work with over a 3 hour period. With an oil painting it would have taken much longer as I would have spent much time waiting for the paint to dry a little. This 3 hours time frame makes it potentially an ideal medium for alla prima plein air painting. (Note: I like to work fast with fresh paint rather than over work it.)

So, the image above was one of my first attempts to do something. I did a number of these small paintings on paper to get a feeling for how the different pigments work with each other. Anyone who grinds their own oil paints would appreciate the pigments integrity. Rather than following the current trend of homogenizing the various pigments so that they all work alike Golden allows each pigment to follow its natural characteristics. Here there is no shortcut: you need to mix paints together to see how they work. It is a good excuse to play with paint!

To be continued …

Published in french as Acrylique Golden Open : une nouvelle peinture


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