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Work, Consume and Shut-Up

Originally posted on September, 15, 2008

In the artistic realm of things we turn our gaze towards higher values. Or, so we tell ourselves. Humanity has for millennium turned towards the future for meaning and salvation. I mention this because I find myself endlessly amazed at how some things always remain the same in spite of all the professed advancement. Nowhere is this more evident these days than in the artistic domain.

To the casual observer there appears to have been a tremendous advance artistically speaking after the Reformation and the so called Renaissance. And there was in fact. But it had all been done before. Looking back to the Greeks for guidance and inspiration was not exactly a mark of originality. The period separating them are glibly call the “Dark Ages?. So, was this just another of humanities return to values movements? As in most cases, it seems to have been largely an exercise in the renaming of things. This time they coined the word culture. And with this word began the elite’s modern propaganda campaign which continues to this day.

Okay, the artist and those concerned with the artistic realm danced to the beat of a different drummer. Or at least they did until just recently. I am not so sure that this is not finished. It seems that all the pretension has run to out of steam. I, personally, do not for a second find sadness in all this. All is as it should be. Now the artist can go about his and her business. He can at least do for the moment. Soon, he will be told to work, consume and shut-up.

This rather bleak assessment of things is a small part of my personal attempts to put our current state of affairs in perspective. (Those who have not noticed changes in the weather patterns need to stick their heads out the window.) It is like when you do a painting. Frequently it is necessary to step back a certain distance in order to see it clearly. I hope this helps.

In truth and art,

Published in french as Travaille, consume et tais-toi


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