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On the beach

Originally posted on October, 30, 2007

My artistic path took its annual detour this last month. Walking up and down a sandy beach in Normandy during October recharges my batteries.

It seems that a large part of my thinking concerns the status of the individual artist. How is the individual to withstand the global cultural tsunami?

Such activity, be it walking a beach or a mountain trail is my way of keeping perspective. The main casualty, it seems, of the technological zeitgeist is the reasoning intellect. Without the support of the sensitive feeling and aesthetic sensibilities rational thought becomes cold and hollow. We risk allowing the cult of the new to control our lives: individually and collectively.

It is simple but it is not easy to maintain this understanding. Since I see almost nobody doing it, myself included, it must be indeed quite difficult.

The last year or two I’ve spent much time reading what the political and social pundits [sic] are saying. They are not saying anything different from what they were saying 40, 100 or 200 years ago. The current situation has dramatically changed but the underlying fundamentals of our societies have not evolved. Change is not progress in an evolutionary sense. It seems we’ve been pretty much stuck for about 400 years now.

As an artist, if we are to dig below the surface of things, we must get off the social treadmill. Our job is to isolate the deeper truth of reality, internalize and then clothe it symbolically. Like I said, it is simple but not easy.

See you on the beach,

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