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Are painters rational?

Originally posted on November, 30, 2007

To the extend that an artist painter is intuitive and instinctive, he does not favour his intellect. This is not to say that he cannot express him/herself logically. It is simply not the priority. Creative expression is often at the top of the list.

This inclination towards creative work has been leading our cultural heritage down the primrose path to oblivion. Any artist, not only the artist painter is not inclined to argue with the self appointed art police. There is simply not the time. More important, to enter into the fray is spiritually regressive. Moreover, if enlightened values of truth are to prevail; indulgence in secondary causes are not an option. Freedom is a state of mind, first and foremost.

If it is true that we paint who we are, these points are important. Only an artist can pass judgement on creative work. We begin by passing judgement on our own work. This is not a rational pursuit. It requires direct soul searching honesty. And there we find our moment of truth, as well as humility.

Published in french as Les peintres sont-ils rationnels


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