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Outside the Box Thinking

Originally posted on May, 17, 2007

", La Loue à Montgesoye", oil on canvas maroufled on panel, 27cm x 22cm, May 2007.

Can we reflect and reason without ego constructed thoughts forms? I believe that there is a form of thinking which is not ego based. First can we agree that there is a border between reflection and experience? Is there a relationship between the two? I am not thinking of reflection as thinking subject and experience as the experienced object. That is dualism. But is there an essential relationship? This question is at the heart of the most intelligent discourse on art over the last century.

Last week I spoke of Herman Hesse. He understood the artist as well as the mystic because he was both. There was no conflict between his intuition and his intellect. Instinct and thinking were at peace with each other.

In my creative life I’ve been attempting to resolve this conflict in my work. It is through the work that we approach this borderland between reflection and experience. This is where we can step outside the box.

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Published in french as Penser hors du cadre


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